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    Національний університет водного господарства та природокористування

    Department of land management, geodesy and geoinformatics

    Department of land management, geodesy and geoinformatics

       History of department conditionally can be divided into the Kiev and Rivne periods.

       As an independent unit, the department of geodesy began its activity in the Kiev engineer-reclamative institute in 1938. The staff of department consisted by then of four persons: head - 1, lecturer - 1, senior laboratory assistant- 1, preparatory assistant - 1. The first head was professor M.I.Tovstolis. A department conducted training in geodesy and topographical drafting. To 1959 the department of geodesy in different years was headed by associate professor M.G. Viduev and associate professor I.P. Kozmin. The staff of teachers was small and in a different period had 2-4 members.

       After the institute was transferred to Rivne, the number of students began to extend, the staff of department grew constantly. In 1959 3 teachers worked at the department, in 1965  - 7, in 1971  - 12, in 1987  - 14. In this period the head of department was associate professor I.P. Kozmin, associate professor M.I. Ivanov, associate professor T.S. Danylenko, senior lecturer P.R. Gavrylenko, associate professor I.V. Khohlov, associate professor M.A. Kuceryb, associate professor P.E. Butenko, associate professor G.G. Lebid.

       Associate professor P.G. Cherniaha works as a head from 1987, now he is a professor. On his initiative in 1992 a new speciality «Land Management» was opened, and the department of engineering geodesy was renamed as the department of land management and geodesy and it became producing specialists. Considerably the material and technical base of department was revived and broadened. New laboratories were opened: of geoinformatics, photogrammetry, cartography and topographical drafting, land management planning, land cadastre and law, year and diploma projecting. A department is fully provided with equipment and devices. During last three years three electronic tacheometers, two GPS receivers, technical means and equipment were purchased. For computer preparation of students a special classroom with 15 work places is used. For regulating of connections with production a branch of department was opened at the Rivne branch of land management institute of UAAS. Leading specialists are attracted for training fromGUGKKRivne regional land resources administration, Rivne branch of land management institute of UAAS, professors from «Lviv politekhnika»university, Lesia Ukraiinka Volyn state university. All graduating students of «Land management and cadastre»speciality  are on 100 % basis provided with work.

       A department conducts training process in more than 40 disciplines. All lecturers teaching disciplines have basic training corresponding to the profile of this speciality.

      Postgraduate course exists at the department for preparation of future young teachers of higher qualification. The high-quality staff change of teaching skilled workers is characterized by the fact that minimum one candidate's dissertation is defended annually, and work is conducted on two doctoral dissertations.

    The average age of staff is 49 years. From seventies directions of scientific research became:

    • a design of geodynamic processes as a result of the geodesic measurements;
    • an account of troposphere, ionosphere and electro-optical refractions at the geodetic measurements and GPS-survey;
    • research of slides and deformations of unique engineering buildings;
    • development of geodetic networks;
    • mathematical treatment of the geodetic measurements and their accuracy estimation.
    • model of geodynamic processes;
    • problems of municipal GIS creation ;
    • problems of land registration system creation;
    • method of material objects authentication ;
    • method of refraction integral index determination;
    • method of geodetic work accuracy norms setting at shells building;
    • method of territory management by logical - mathematical methods on condition of unclear initial information.

          The collaboration of department and foreign educational establishments develops: «Warsaw politekhnika» university and Olshtyn field university. 

       P. Cherniaha is a member of editorial board of five professional scientific and technical magazines: «Visnyk of geodesy and cartography», «Geodesy, cartography and aerial photography», «Visnyk of NUWM», «Geodynamics».

       He is a member of Presidium of Scientific-methodical council in professional direction of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the expert of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine in specialities: «Geodesy», «Cartography and photogrammetry», «Land cadastre and monitoring ».